Maxim Kind

Associate Partner | Philadelphia

Maxim Kind, an Associate Partner with Banister International, brings deep experience to the Data Commercialization and Protection Practice by concentrating on performing executives and leaders across the industry. For more than a decade, Max has worked with highly marketed clients to execute senior-level data and technology projects in government, education, pharmaceutical, and clinical studies industries.

He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering profitable data solutions that drove forward the corporate strategy. Before joining Banister International, Max supported Barclays Bank’s US growth strategy by delivering talent with unique capabilities in the technology field.

Prior to entering the recruiting industry, Max has extensive hands-on experience dealing with the most pressing data and technology needs. He worked with one of the first charter schools in Camden, New Jersey where he helped optimize HR data analysis.

Max went on to work with the New Jersey Governor’s Office, NJEDA, and NJLWD to target deliver public resources in supporting the state economy during the Great Recession. His analysis and research helped the state to retain 25,000 jobs. After leaving the government, Max worked on operationalizing new data, technology, and capabilities through pharmaceutical companies including GlaxoSmithKline and Merck, as well as supporting firms like Digitas Health, and Catalyst IQ.

Max is a member of several Philadelphia clubs, holds MPA in economic development from Rutgers University, and lives in Philadelphia.

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