Industry Intelligence

The Term “Industry Intelligence” covers a number of areas; some of which include:

Competitor Analysis

Our Consultants are well-positioned to leverage their detailed industry knowledge and wide network to provide impartial and unbiased analysis of market players.

Pre-search Due Diligence

Sometimes a full search is not required, the most obvious reason being unfamiliarity with a market or its influencing factors. These reasons can often cause a high proportion of searches that fail, across all sectors.

As a solution, Banister International can execute and deliver a meticulous due diligence report of a market or organization(s) before the commencement of a full search.

This approach protects clients against launching a full search process and can assist in targeting any resulting search more accurately, thus decreasing any chance of failure.

Compensation Benchmarking

Broad overviews of compensation and benefits including salary levels, package compositions, and average increases are readily available from the major benefit consulting firms. However, in our experience, these can be very general and may lack specific relevance to smaller organizations that require more detailed information.

Banister International’s familiarity with Executive Search means we have a clear and unbiased view of the salary levels, benefit packages, and incentive plan structures.