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How to Secure Top Talent When Demand Outstrips Supply

In an environment where unemployment is at 3.6% in the US, the lowest since 1968, many of our clients are experiencing the same challenge – finding good quality candidate pipelines for a wide range of roles.   We recently engaged in a study with a number of VPs of Talent, across a variety of industries, to collect best practices in process and approach. 

In talking with recruiting talent leaders on the front-lines of this challenge, we learned about a number of effective process changes that they were utilizing, which we wanted to share with you here:   

  1. Hiring Managers are constantly interviewing candidates, whether they have open roles or not. 
  2. Pay particular attention to employment brand, and how to publicize what it means to be an employee of their organization. 
  3. Attract entry level candidates through a well-planned and executed College Recruiting Program to support the “Build” part of your Talent Strategy.    
  4. Focus on continually raising the talent bar by proactively interviewing and hiring candidates that add new, quality talent to their organization. 
  5. Engaging their own internal top talent through a variety of programs such as Executive Leadership Development Programs or putting them on highly visible cross-functional projects 
  6. Listen to what they are hearing about compensation from new employees, candidates, and their own employees to ensure that they are competitive in today’s marketplace. 
  7. Conduct exit interviews to ensure knowing why people are leaving and identifying any “common threads”. 
  8. Reward those managers who are “exporters” of talent internally through a variety of programs. 


Many organizations are implementing some of these programs, and some organizations are implementing all of them.  Yet the reality of what we heard is that in today’s employment market, it is critical to be doing SOMETHING!   

There are many ways that your Banister International Managing Director can help support you with the implementation of these types of programsIf you are interested in hearing more, please reach out:  Contact – Banister International