Driving Transformation through Your Search Partner

Search partners are so much more than providers of new hires.   Many sophisticated business development leaders will tell you that a long-term relationship with their search partner has enabled them to transform their business. The partnership is based on trusting that your partner will support you and your organization to achieve the growth that both your Board and stakeholders are expecting, by proactively identifying and hiring game-changing, transformative talent.

Banister International is regarded by our clients as a trusted advisor.  We provide them with market knowledge, an understanding of the trends in the employment market, and feedback on how the market perceives their organization as an employer. We are a search partner who drives transformational change for leadership teams, acts as a brand ambassador and continually works to deliver talent to upgrade talent bases.  A trusted advisor will be proactive in pipelining talent for you based upon on-going discussions with you about your current and projected talent needs.

Banister International has partnered with many clients to transform their organizations by sourcing their next generation of leaders.  Our philosophy of “Partner owned, Partner managed” references the fact that our Partners are in the trenches with our clients in this war for talent.  The infusion of new thinking and new strategies that comes with a new leadership team has driven our clients to transform into the company they envisioned.

We have worked with one such client since the beginning of their evolution into a 21st century manufacturer and global leader in their industry. This journey begun over 15 years ago, and the relationship has flourished under the leadership of Banister’s Managing Director, Tammie Do.  During our time working together, they’ve grown from a $400 million company to achieving over $1 billion in revenue. This collaboration was based on the recognition by the CEO that growth would only be obtainable by infusing the company with the right talent.  As we began our work together, we agreed that our partnership was to be based on 4 primary goals:

  1. 1. To dramatically increase the level of talent working in each business unit.
  2. To reintroduce the company’s employment brand into the talent market and brand it as an employer of choice.
  3. To provide access to individuals who are qualified for the current position, have potential to be successfully promoted at least two levels within the organization, and can make strong contributions to corporate growth.
  4. To ensure and reinforce consistent quality across the three business units.

These goals formed the basis of our work, our partnerships, and our commitment to the client that we were working on as a team.

Our Managing Director, Tammie Do recently stated:

“Fundamentally, we believe that our clients’ successes are our successes, too.  We focus on working towards these common goals, which have been the foundation of the work that we’ve done with them.   I have completed multiple transformation projects over the years as this is a core competency of Banister International.” 

Banister International has carried out over 100 transformation projects in the past 25 years.  Some examples of these projects:

  • Our Managing Director, Melanie Wilson, has recently completed a significant transformation project with one of her clients in driving the next generation of leaders at the General Management and Operations/Sales Leaders.
  • Our Managing Director, Matt Hamlet, is currently leading a significant RPO engagement with one of our long-term clients supporting them during a significant time of transformation.
  • Matt Cook, our Managing Director with a deep expertise in the Beverages Production, Distribution and Sales environment is working on a sales transformation project for another of our long-term clients.

Transformation is about the work we do that drives a long-term view of our client’s talent needs.  We learn their business and become experts in the employment markets in which they operate.   We fundamentally are driving change for them by finding game-changing talent. This talent comes in and energizes the teams focused on the achievement of their strategic goals.

If you would like to hear more about the Banister International Transformation Services, please contact us: info@banisterinternational.com