The hidden value in existing networks

So, how many degrees of separation are you from Kevin Bacon?   I know that I am three.   And I am three through two different networks in my life.   The first network is my family network, and the second is through the work that I did for years in High School Theater. At Banister International, we […]

Transformational Interviewing: Raising the Talent Bar

In our series of articles and discussions focused on client transformations, our next focus will be on enabling our clients to “up their game” when it comes to their selection processes.  As many of you are aware, there are many data points that we use in HR to talk to the impact of both the […]

How to Secure Top Talent When Demand Outstrips Supply

Interview candidates

In an environment where unemployment is at 3.6% in the US, the lowest since 1968, many of our clients are experiencing the same challenge – finding good quality candidate pipelines for a wide range of roles.   We recently engaged in a study with a number of VPs of Talent, across a variety of industries, to […]