Vasi Skopis joins Banister to support expansion of transformation based services

Banister International announced today that Vasi Skopis will be joining the team as a Principal. Vasi joins the organization with an extensive background in building long-term relationships, with the focus being on assisting his clients in finding solutions. His experience aligns with the Banister service offerings incredibly well, and he will be focusing his efforts […]

Why retention should play a crucial role in your recruitment strategy

Employee retention

For many years, as I led large international talent acquisition teams, I’d be asked what the best Recruiting Program was. My response was always the same – your best recruiting program is a strong retention program. Retaining your best employees who know your business, your culture, and your customers, makes all the difference in the […]

The importance of employer branding in the digital age

The world of Recruitment offers us a very unique vantage point into how companies are perceived by potential candidates. There are several websites that people search to gain insights into potential employers based on the views of employees, former employees, candidates, and former candidates.  Banister International consults with a number of our clients on the […]

The hidden value in existing networks

So, how many degrees of separation are you from Kevin Bacon?   I know that I am three.   And I am three through two different networks in my life.   The first network is my family network, and the second is through the work that I did for years in High School Theater. At Banister International, we […]

Transformational Interviewing: Raising the Talent Bar

In our series of articles and discussions focused on client transformations, our next focus will be on enabling our clients to “up their game” when it comes to their selection processes.  As many of you are aware, there are many data points that we use in HR to talk to the impact of both the […]